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Recent Awards:
Awarded To Presented Nominated By Date Reason for
Soil IronCross2ndClass.gif (13638 bytes)
Iron Cross
2nd Class
Shilling 10.3.01

"I run behind the a13 for cover. while i run i notice 2 inf standing around in front of the one radio building in the base. i have no where to get cover and shoot so i switch to my 4 rifleman issued pineapples. i toss them all in pretty close to each of them and they just stand there. they must of been seeing red because they dont even flinch as i run by them into the radio room"

Luftwulf IronCross1stClass.gif (7575 bytes)
Iron Cross
1st Class
Bellum 10.3.01 Luftwulf co-ordinated a strong attack by Totenkopf and Romanian forces. On one Opel run into East Signy driven by myself, Luftwulf evaded two Char's on foot and took cover in the Allied Infantry Spawn. There he successfully neutralised several allied soldiers while taking heavy fire from multiple French tanks.
Alaska IronCross2ndClass.gif (13638 bytes)
Iron Cross
2nd Class
Spunt 10.3.01 Alaska stood his ground and we got the call the allies attacked guise. at this point a group of us had taken and was holding tenuously one of the 2 neccesary ABs in Lacapelle
All ToT BalticCrossRibbon.gif (1527 bytes)
Belgium Ribbion
GHC Officials 9.25.01 Presented for outstanding efforts and loyalty durring war preperations
Jank IronCross2ndClass.gif (13638 bytes)
Iron Cross
2nd Class
Farrow 8.23.01 A good distance from the enemy FB Farrow came under fire from an A13 destroying his Opal. Jank lived through the onslaugh and managed to destroy the enemy FB. This act was beyond reasonable odds. The FB destruction relieved the westward pressure that we were getting from the enemy at Launios



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