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This was a massive Spearhead North into Bertrix from Herb!
thanks to all who participated.

Working with Dutch's Boys can be very exciting, Dutch hits these guys
with everything all at once.
BuddGood enjoying his leisure time sharpening his sight to kill that
Char. That guy died by the way, there were 10 more of us behind me.

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Me and Solopido driving off into the sunset, isn't it Beautiful.. Let them come to Bertrix! The might of the German Army will be there to meet
Klaxon's ever watchful eye, carefully scanning the horizon for anything to

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Formation Assault on Dinant, Second wave of two that broke the Allied resistance, captured the city. This is a portion of the Battle formation Formed on the ridge
overlooking Dinant, The Seige ended when we crested the hill, This was by
far one of the best experiences we have had in the game as of yet!
This some of the Totenkopfs airwing helping the Armour Comuns in Bertrix,
Others involved as well.



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